3 plans to suit everyone

 let us do all the hard work for you 


Basic Plan

Our Basic Plan is simple but gives you lots of helpful benefits

For each of our three Plans you will need to complete a fairly detailed questionnaire which gives us an insight of the type of property you are looking for. You can specify a multitude of extra factors which we then collate and use as your 'perfect property index'

This then allows us to target very accurately the sort of property you are searching for, and then give you an accurate percentage mark of each property based on your own specifications 

We work with agents and others forms of media that allow us to access properties before they appear on normal search sites. We report back to you at regular intervals giving you much more accurate choices

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan takes you several steps further than our Basic Plan


After having completed the questionnaire, we will have sent you basic details of targeted choices which you then can narrow down to a final three properties.


We will conduct the viewings on your behalf to get a much better idea of location, potential problems and other points that are often overlooked or hidden on description sheets.


Each viewing is accompanied by a video-walkaround and images, which are then sent to you, to view at your leisure

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is our unique personalised service
We'll have sent you basic details of properties, and you will have chosen a maximum of five.

We then offer 'live' walkarounds of each property so you can get a first-hand view of everything and ask questions. When conditions allow, we also offer drone footage of the property and surrounding area. Having narrowed your choice to three, we then ask you to join us to make your own viewings. We will organise transport to and from the airport and during the viewings, translations, as well as other similar benefits to help alleviate the stress of buying abroad.

We can offer you up-to-date advice, and even negotiate on your behalf. 



All of our Plans require completion of downloadable questionnaire, which we use to gain accurate knowledge of the property you require.​
Details and format of this questionnaire can be found here
Questionnaire Page