We offer a fully bespoke service to help you find your dream home in the South of France. We cover the area that is the geographical south - between Perpignan and Montpellier.
You simply provide us with details of what sort of property you're thinking of buying, and we will try and find that property, within your budget.
If you havent the time to visit the properties we propose, we offer different plans to help you through the viewings using the latest technology




Maybe you're starting from scratch with a project so need an architect, or have bought a property and need to submit a Planning Application.
We will guide you through the minefield of French bureaucracy explaining what is required to help you realise this important step



Having found your dream home or plot of land, we can price work depending on your personal specifications and wishes. 
So whether it's a new ultra-modern clifftop house, or a marvellous old country property in the vineyards, let us do all the laborious background work for you. 
New-builds, renovations, swimming-pools and smaller projects can be catered for


At present we cover the area highlighted

Search Area


We purposefully limit our general search area. It still offers an incredible diversity of areas; countryside, beach, city and hillside that are considerably cheaper than an equivalent property further to the east towards Marseille and Nice.

We can offer searches in other areas - please email your enquiries here



La vie est belle!

Frankly if you're lucky enough to already own a property in the south of France, then you already know the advantages (and some minor disadvantages) of house ownership within throwing distance of the Mediterranean.

The Cote d'Azur, Nice and Marseille, are more commonly known, but properties have become very expensive to buy there over the last few decades. The further down the coast you travel, between Adge and Perpignan, the cheaper the property generally becomes. There are small pockets of wealthy resorts, but on the whole, property is a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere in the south. Property prices seem to have fallen by about 15% in the last 10 years to 2017, so now is a good time to be checking out some real bargains. The further inland you go, the cheaper the property becomes as a rule: the best bargains are a few hours away from the beaches of the Med, in the foothills of the Pyrennes. Stunning vicarages, chapels, gentrified houses, spectacular chateaux and crumbling wine estates and plots of land are sold regularly. There is something for everybody on what everyone is now calling the 'New Cote d'Azur'




Like most Mediterranean countries, the allure of owning property where the sun shines on average 300 days a year is hard to succumb to. There really are just two seasons - a long summer and a short winter. Spring and autumn happen so quickly that they are barely perceived. Summer is hot - generally in the mid 30°C but it does get cold in winter too. This climate has attracted the English, Dutch, Germans and Belgians mostly, many who have holiday homes, from little wine-growers' cottages, to balconied modern villas perched on clifftops. The sheer range of unusual properties, land, and all other types of French oddity lie waiting to be snatched up and developed. The possibilites are staggering, but the time will come eventually when the prices will mirror those further up the coast. Already the aged wine-growers are beginning to rub their chins and look pensively at their old properties falling to rack-and-ruin. Beautiful stone-scuptured doorways, ornate decorative wooden doors, enormous old piles ready to be bought up by clever investors. The Chinese have moved into the region and bought their first few wine estates too.

So, with deep rare inside knowledge not available to the outsider, we are English builders registered in France giving the legal 10-year guarantee on all our work, we pride ourselves in giving the very best service and advice to our customers.